January 03, 2011

New Beginnings

I have been on a blogging hiatus for a long time now. And much to my regret, there were many chances, times when I could have framed sacred moments in words, that I let slip. 

And so I start anew this 2011. New year, NEW BEGINNINGS. 

To move forward, I do need to step back... to recreate moments that would forever etch the-year-that-was in my memory, in my heart. That I may not forget...

2010 started with a prayer... (See, A Rested Heart)

"I have stilled and quieted my soul..." That is my prayer for 2010. That as I busy my hands on the plow, I shall go forth unruffled by storms of doubt and anxiety, knowing full well that God is in control. He is sovereign still.
...But I choose to be like a weaned child with its mother. Unshaken, basking in the unchallenged truth -- that my God is indeed able and trustworthy.

Looking back, God has answered that prayer in ways unimaginable. I am awed. Yet again. And I am grateful that I still am. 

As the long silence have atrophied my writing muscle, I let the pictures paint the words for me. For now. Until I find my muse again.

School Again :)
Yes! I am a seminary student. 

The Farmhouse

Our home away from home

Making Memories
Family Vacations in Palawan, Cebu & Balay Indang

Alligator farm in Palawan
Island-hopping in Palawan

In Mactan, Cebu
The Great Lapu-Lapu

Family vacay in Balay Indang, Cavite

Tres Marias with their traveling toys

Disciples Making Disciples

Engaging Youth Leaders from Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao

Region 1

General Santos City

Younger Leaders Conference in Tagaytay


Loving Wednesdays... and Fridays
(Campus Ministry through After Class Get-Away & V.O.I.C.E.)

ACG Workshop

Approximately 650 high school students were inside the church

My first time to teach Values Education every Wednesday in San Francisco High School.

Some of my first year high school students under my Values Education class.

Growing with Fellow Youth Workers. For Life. :)

First Live 2:6 Group in Manila

Youth@111 Youth Workers

Global Youth Initiative delegates from all over the world converged in Manila

Bo :)

My other love. (Aside from Toppy & Teddy)
... and many answered prayers. :)

So I brace myself for many new beginnings this 2011. And as I did last year, I shall set out with a new prayer in my heart. I choose to stay in the long path of trusting and obeying our Father and King. For His fame. For His renown. :)

Happy New Beginnings! 


effie said...

Happy 2010 indeed!
Happier 2011 ahead!
Love yah, co-sojourner! :)

Ma. Czarita A. Aguja said...

ate ai!!! happy new year ♥

Bettina Esguerra said...

I love this Ate Ai! :-) So glad I spent 2010 with you.. here's to many more years together! >:D<