March 04, 2010

To Write Again

Today, to my pleasant surprise, I chanced upon a Real Time devotional stacked in one of the shelves of a specialty bookstore. It's been a long time since I found a copy displayed in book shops. Yes, admittedly, whenever I go to a bookstore, I casually stroll by the religious books section and peruse through the devotionals hoping to see that familiar tiny, brightly colored book. With my name on it. A guilty pleasure I indulge in whenever chance permits it. But chance has been a miser depriving me of such whim. Until now.

You should have seen me pick up that copy and hold it as if I've unearthed a priceless treasure. In my hands, it was. And I remembered my first love. Writing. It awakened in me an old dream. To write again.

Returning from my musing, I lovingly placed back the devotional on the shelf... slightly rearranging the books so Real Time would have a visibility advantage. I left the store smiling. Thanking, not chance, but the One who is, and will always be, my reason to write.

And write, I shall.

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