March 03, 2010

THE Question

I spent my Monday going to two seminaries I've been considering for my masters. So, I went about inquiring the application process. And it was just so funny that in separate instances, a quite unexpected question arose during my preliminary interview. Almost in a nonchalant manner, my interviewers asked the following in rapid succession:

Madam: Full-time or Part-time (student)?
Ai: Part-time.
Madam: What program?
Ai: Biblical Studies... or Christian Education
Madam: Single or Married?
Ai: (Slightly raises an eyebrow...) Uhm... single. (Smiles.. thinking the interview would stop there.)
Madam: Dating?
Ai: (Shaking the head) Nope!
Madam: Boyfriend?
Ai: None. (Questioningly looks at the interviewer..)
Madam: Well, maybe you'll find a suitable partner here in our seminary. (Or something to that effect...)
Ai: (In automatic response mode...) But I would want to focus on my studies. I don't think I want any distraction. (Smiles sheepishly and unbelievably.) So what are the requirements again for my application? (Obviously changing the subject...)

Hmm... I have a theory that seminaries are posing as dating service providers nowadays, don't you think? :)

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