December 17, 2009

Happy 28!

Victory Liner Bus no. 2123, Seat no. 13

In my Hideaway Room at PNKY Home

My travel buddy and roommate, Teddy!

50's Diner for dinner! A stone's throw away from PNKY.

Stuffed squid! Yumyum!

Cheska & her ginormous Chilicon Burger!

Teddy & I posing with a statue-replica of FVR on the Igorot stairs going to SM Baguio. Oh it was a long flight of stairs! It will leave you breathless... literally!


Beautiful birthday morning :)

Good morning Teddy!
(Background music: It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...)

Empty chair... :)
I had the place all to myself. Sweet!

My birthday breakfast - Baguio longganisa & the works!

Perfect with a cup of Benguet coffee!


My Hideaway Room... :)

Room 4

Bench outside my room

My porch

PNKY Home. Indeed a home away from home.

PNKY Cafe.

Midnight.. er, daylight musing mode. :)

And thus began a heart-warming time with the Lord...

Song of Ascents. :)

Psalm 131 spoke to my heart that morning.

Unearthed from long time ago. It still moved me to tears. :')

Found my way to UP Baguio to meet Cheska for lunch. I almost got lost walking from the Victory Liner Terminal after buying my ticket home later in the evening. Good thing, when I noticed I was going nowhere, I took the easy way out by taking a cab. ;p I found out I was a long way off! Geeesh! Me and my navigation skills!

Delighted to bump into Chriza :)

Lunch at Cordillera Cafe. The Spicy Ilocano Pasta is to-die for! A real must-try! It's hot hot hot!

Another alone time at OMG - Oh My Gulay! :)

You just got to love the view.

I asked the Lord to paint a beautiful sunset for me that afternoon as a gift. But it wasn't to be. He had something grander in mind.

With my Cheska's prodding, I decided to go back to UP to see the Christmas lights all lit up. This time, I didn't get lost. :)

Met Cheska's twin, Lara. :)

And just when my birthday was about to end, I was serenaded with Christmas carols. It was heavenly as I listened, feeling the cold breeze and looking over the city from where I was seated. A pleasant gift. :)

My constant companions - Teddy & My backpack.

My confidante - my journal.

A divine appointment - Aling Lina. :)
(But this is another story...)

And so I travel back home... Deluxe Bus with its own Comfort Room. :)

Baguio is and will always be a respite for my heart and soul. It was a happy and blessed 28th birthday indeed. An answered prayer. :)


roana said...

ang cute ni teddy!!! :) hahaha. love all the pictures and all the captions. Belated happy birthday ate ai <3

the midnight muser said...

teddy says thank you! ahaha! salamat roana dear. :)

ebbie said...

i wanna PNKY myself!!!

the midnight muser said...

go go go! :)

perhaps someday we'll go together. ~wink~

skye said...

baguio kindred

Anonymous said...