May 31, 2006

The Sunflowers Are Dying

The other day, I went to UP for an errand. The thick clumps of sunflowers lining the university avenue were already gone. Only the stalks sticking out of the soil were left, remnants of the once magnificent flora. Just a few weeks ago, when I happened to be in the area, the sunflowers were still there... though most of them were dying. Call me sentimental, but it was a sad scene.

I've always relished seeing these majestic flowers in full bloom during the summer. Under the sweltering sun, the burst of golden hues awakens an exuberance within. At least for me. Suddenly, everything comes alive. Life is radiant and beautiful.

But summer is almost over. The onset of the rainy season is marked, not only by the frequent downpours, but also, the dying of my precious sunflowers. Then, I thought of life and how short our days are here on earth. Like the sunflowers, we are only here for a season. Quickly fading. Teeming with life one moment, then gone the next. One chance to "live life to the full." Then comes death, giving way to a new season that would stay. Either LIFE or DEATH. In ETERNITY. I chose LIFE. And I pray, in this season, I would help others choose it too.

I looked thoughtfully on the patches of soil where once my beauties stood. The stalks gave hope of life. That next summer... I would see my precious again.

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