January 28, 2006

"of youth leaders, cats and mice, and subtly exiting a resto out of indecision"

i can't remember the last time i attended a seminar as a delegate. it felt nice to be one again today. to be seated as one of the audience... it was indeed a breath of fresh air.
it was a whole day seminar and i was expecting at the end of the day i'll be poofed out. but on the contrary, the material was unexpectedly... well, light (unlike YMSS!). very practical and i found myself actually enjoying the discussions with my groupmates. it also helped that the class was a small number, there was maximum interaction with the other delegates.
"of youth leaders, cats and mice, and subtly exiting a resto out of indecision"
now that sums up my day... and that's the inspiration for the book we will be writing for a youth ministry material... haha! (lems' brainchild!)
seriously now, here are some bulleted points of my insights for the day:
~balanced lifestyle
~"Ensuring that a few things are done well is better than trying to do many things mediocre."
~"a reflection of the character and priorities of Christ" (desired end-product)
~pushing people out of their comfort zones
~maintaining my "health"
~prioritize a few
and oh... kuya do was actually funny today... puyat ata kaya hyper! (joke! luv ya kuya do...)
overall, today was a much needed self-check on my part... i do need to SHAPE UP... lest i face grave consequences for my inaction... now that's scary...
thankful for this day. can't wait for EVERYDAY COMMANDMENT.
(p.s. i wrote this because lately my entries have been on a very sad note. don't worry, it doesn't mean i'm depressed or anything... inspiration to write gets to me when i'm in low spirits. thank you for noticing anding... i do need to write more happy stuff... hehe!)

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