September 13, 2005

to cry like a baby

Waaaahhhhhhh..... I thought it would never end. With mouth opened wide, she shrieked on top of her lungs. Hysterically throwing punches in the air. I was pretty sure tears were rolling down her tight-shut eyes. Without a care in the world, she cried. Impossible to turn a deaf ear from all the screaming, everyone seemed to give their full attention to her, and she didn't seem to mind. Not at all. Notwithstanding the fact that we were in a PUJ, a dyip at that. So, basically the whole world bore witness to this scandalous episode.

YET nobody bothered to complain. In spite of all the appalling narrative I just laid, everything seemed acceptable. After all, she was a baby, a toddler to be more specific. She had the license to do so. And the world will not judge her.

Don't you sometimes wish you can cry like that? I know I do. Sometimes.

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