September 16, 2005

the perfect dress

...and so my search for the perfect dress began. It was a rather long and draining feat. One-time sweep proved insufficient to accomplish my mission. It took many nights of painstakingly going to the mall rummaging through what seemed like a million dresses, tops, and skirts. Not a single boutique escaped my watchful eyes. Every detail counted, I could even see myself holding a piece of clothing with dreamy eyes. In my mind was a vision of how I wanted to look on that special night. As one of the hosts, I obliged myself to look, well, perfect. So, nothing will do except "the perfect dress".
After a few nights of discouraging shopping experience (boutiques closed shop on me twice! Who would have thought shopping can be sooooo stressful!), I finally found the perfect outfit: a redwine fancy skirt, and a black off-shoulder top. I can never be more satisfied seeing myself in front of the mirror. It was exactly as I pictured it on my mind.
Somehow, an uneasy feeling overcame me... there was something missing... ME. Perhaps, my determination to look perfect on the outside was my feeble attempt to mask the not-so perfect me within. But hard as I may to hide it, it will manifest itself, one way or the other. So don't be fooled... my perfect dress is a masquerade. I need you to see through it... to see me.

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