September 26, 2005

i fear you

i fear you.

i long to say those words, but i feel i will not be able to muster enough courage to do so. allow me to pour my heart now, and let me believe that somehow, my deepest sentiments will find their way to you.

i fear your strength. time and again, you have proven how strong you are. unswayed. that should bring me comfort. but i still worry. you are strong... too strong to show your tears. i see through your mask... a fragile heart... i yearn to see you cry. to see tears streaming down your face. to know you can still embrace hurt until it's no more... until you exude true strength... born from a wounded heart.

i fear your mind. it claims wisdom to its name. to think for yourself... to arrive at a firm resolve on your own... disliking being dictated upon... so my counsel remained unsung. too afraid of rejection. forgive me... but i am still learning to let go... to let you make mistakes and learn from them... when I would die to spare you from such. I respect you... but sometimes, my heart aches for you to listen.

most of all, I fear you... because i see me in you...

...i love you too much... i fear you...

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