January 21, 2014

On driving and control issues

This was a devotional entry I wrote eight years ago for Real Time: Time to Get Real with God (Devotions for Filipino Youth). Eight years and it's only now I got a driver's license, and beginning to brave the streets of Quezon City. But thankfully, I'm not much of the control-freak that I was back then. Now, about those driving escapades... ;p

Driving 101
I know, Lord, that we humans are not in control of our own lives.
Jeremiah 10:23

Nothing is more exhilarating for a new driver like me than getting behind the wheel.  The sense of control is just overwhelming.  It amazes me how simply turning the steering wheel and stepping on a pedal can wield a huge, heavy metal casing called a car according to the whims of the driver.  I have yet to get a license.  Until then, my driving escapades are on hold.

My enthusiasm about driving says a lot about me.  I admit I’m a control freak.  I thrive in an orderly and predictable environment.  Having a sense of control gives me power.  Pull me out of my controlled world, and I basically fall apart.

I remember the times when this happened to me.  In my third year of college, I almost broke down and cried at the thought of flunking one of my major subjects.  When Daddy suddenly fell ill, I felt shattered and anxious for my family. A friend who deliberately did wrong even after I had counseled her drove me to frustration. Even rain clouds blocking an otherwise beautiful sunrise in Tagaytay almost ruined my day.  Simply put, I just can’t handle not being in control very well. 

But the undeniable truth is, I need not be in total control because Someone already is. Like most of us, I had to learn this the hard way.     

So I have resolved to avoid seeking full control.  As in driving, I need to give the steering wheel to a better driver and take the passenger’s seat.  After all, the view is better from there.       

What things do you need to let go and let God take control of? 

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