July 12, 2011

Even Before I Ask

I was never the one who complained much. But lately, a familiar anxiety was brewing inside me. I've seen this many times in the past. And now it's back. Taunting me. For a moment, I  was drowning in a whirlpool of doubts and fears. Darkness of the soul was slowly clouding my thoughts. For a moment, I almost lost myself.  Almost.

Memories flooded in... I needed to remember. In remembering, I found my salvation. Then, a calm found its way in my heart. A quiet resolve to trust.

I guess God delights in displaying His awesome work to those who boldly take Him at His challenge of faith. And I never would have seen it coming. Once again, I found myself drowning. This time, in the ocean of my own tears.  All those emotions bottled up inside me just escaped me and wet my face. I was never good at handling surprises. Not of this kind especially.

He answered. Even before I asked. I am blessed. Immeasurably beyond my imagination.

Let me remember. 
Let me never forget. 
You are the God of the "how much more". 

"... For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him." 
Matthew 6:8

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Bettina Esguerra said...

Aw, I love this so much Ate.. yes, remembering is powerful. It's powerful when we remember God's faithfulness to us all our lives.. it's powerful when we remind ourselves everyday.. even more so when it's God who does the reminding.

But more than us remembering God, God remembers us too! "The Lord remembers us and will bless us." Psalm 115:12a He knows our needs, our desires, our situation, our present and our future. He knows! He remembers the promises that He gave us, the miracles that we need at the very moment, and the plans that He purposed for us. He remembers also!

Thanks for this Ate Aimee. So encouraged. >:D< Really can't wait for our next COC! Excited for your kwentos.. :-)