January 01, 2010

Tabula Rasa

Once a year, I make that extra effort to be least sentimental. To fight the urge to hold on, and just let go with eyes closed if need be. It's our traditional year-end clean-up day. And it's always a messy one. Figuratively and literally.

The mess called our room.

In a matter of minutes, our once tidy room was transformed into a thick forest of bags, knick-knacks, and other personal paraphernalia sprawled all over the place. The fate of which we had yet to determine -- throw, keep, or give away. Making a decision was highly dependent on the object's sentimental value.

In the middle of the mess, I and my sisters unearthed items from way back that made our clean-up day quite interesting. Some made us laugh like old photos of us we'd bring to our graves for our dignity's sake. One particular item that was blog-worthy was the "love letter" my younger sister got in her elementary years. It was funny to see young love (err... infatuation) from an adult's perspective. That letter was definitely a keep. :)

Read: "P.S. Nalagyan ko ng pabango ng Daddy ko itong sulat na ito at inaamin ko crush pa rin kita huwag kang magagalit sana crush mo rin naman ako hanggang ngayon."

"Your Secret Admirer" was written over the previously erased name of the sender... you can actually still read the name if you looked closely.

While there were things we just couldn't remember why we kept. Last year's treasure, this year's trash... or treat.

It's not a headband! It's a (drum rolls....) thong! Not used. Not mine!

Some inevitably scratched scabs from old wounds. Letters and photos which brought back bitter-sweet memories. And for the lessons learned, the masochist in us choose to keep them still.

Much to my delight, I also found treasures hiding in the deepest darkest corners of my closet. Treasures I will keep for the rest of my life.

My journals!

A birthday card from my girls. :)

An old photo of me & Matt (watch out for the comeback of our tandem!). I miss my curly hair!

Our room is now half-empty. Or half-full, depending on how you see it. :) But come next year, it will be filled again with trash or treasures or treat. Much like with life, another year awaits us. Have we given much room for new things to come? Throw. Keep. Give Away.

Clean slate. Tabula Rasa. Let's start anew!

Happy 2010! :)

(Now... about my friendster account... definitely a throw! ;p)


Anna Bettina said...

I love this entry! So true.. new decade, new beginnings.. growing from situations/experiences, knowing that we CAN forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead. (:

And on a different note, so touched you kept the card. That was last year pa, right? Aw.

I love you Ate Ai! (:

roana said...

like like like :) wishing you a blessed new year, ate ai =)

effie said...

another funny-touchy one, ebbie XD

effie said...

another funny-touchy one, effie! XD

effie said...

another funny-touchy one, effie! XD

the midnight muser said...

@ abbie: yes, last year. :) i was so delighted to see it again. :) i love you too dear. i will see you soon! mwah!

@ roana: thank you dear :) a blessed new year to you too. :)

@ effie: ang dami mo nanamang comments! haha! mishu much!

effie said...

nice new haircut, effie! :) strut it! flaunt it! yeah! :D