January 16, 2010

Changing Bedsheets

Today, I came home and was delighted to find that my bedsheets have been changed. It thrilled me so, I dramatically crawled into bed, relishing the feel of the clean, crisp sheets under my skin. Finally, I laid there with eyes closed, smiling sheepishly to myself as I snuggled my pillow to my face. That was happiness there. And for a moment, I wanted it to last for eternity. Sadly, sheets don't stay clean. They get soiled. Eventually. And the happy feeling fades. Then it's time to change bedsheets again. And always, it's a welcome respite. Not only for a weary body. But also for a downcast soul. :)


Anonymous said...

o profoundness, you are so hard to dig. XDXDXD


the midnight muser said...


... that's the point mark... that's the point...

... only rare souls are able to understand... :)

Anonymous said...

haha. actually, marami itong pupuwedeng patungkulan. ngunit siyempre, malamang iisa lamang ang iyong tinutukoy. :P