December 27, 2006

profound DIYOSAS

"I couldn't find my shades this morning... I frantically searched the entire house yet I still couldn't find it... Everyone was already pissed at me yet naghahanap pa rin ako... Bakit ganon? Why do we find it so hard to let go of something so random? Maybe it wasn't the item I was after... Hanggang ngayon iniiyakan ko pa rin... Hay..."

"Perhaps it's the shades... or perhaps it's the promise of what the shades can offer you... In your mind, you have pictured your whole getup with the shades and you liked what you saw. You thought you're all set. But then, you find out that it's missing. Suddenly, the picture in your mind is ruined. But you won't let go of it that easily... So you look everywhere hoping you'll find it, because when you do, everything will be 'perfect'. But will it? Is it really worth your while? Pretty much the same with life, we dream and hope for things or persons that we think will make our lives 'perfect', but when we realize we don't have them, we are left in ruins... Then we waste our time searching... in vain... SAD..."

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