February 08, 2006

breathing again

Sitting on the sidewalk's cold pavement, i was seeing U.P. at night time. Seated with me were three friends. Each of us was gorging on a pika-pika food we decided to take with us for that impromptu trip. Mine was a 7-11 hotdog bun and a can of sparkling apple juice. Yumyum.

It was cold that night. Perfect. As I finished up what was left of my stash, I couldn't help but muse at the tree in front of us. It was beautiful with the soft lights from the lamp posts (which reminded me so much of Chronicles of Narnia) nearby, and with the star-beaded sky as its backdrop. And the moon with the clouds... lovely.

Orion's belt was visible... my constellation (for the simple reason that it's the ONLY constellation I know and can successfully identify on any ordinary night). Save for the sound of jeepneys passing by every now and then, and the presence of night-joggers (which still puzzles me) and a handful of strollers, it was a really peaceful evening. PEACE.

My martian friend noticed the scar on the branch of the tree. Perhaps, she has been musing about it in between the small talks and the chewing. "It's scarred... amazingly, it is visible with the evening lights... but it's almost invisible in the daytime." True. I understood. Completely.

We decided to go for a walk to complete that night. As we did, I was breathing in the sight of the lamp posts neatly lined up on both sides of the street. The moon painting a rainbow on the clouds around it. The stars, like gigantic fireflies caught in the skies. The biting cold brushing through my face. The arching trees standing as mute witnesses to this dreamy moment. I was breathing it all in.

I was breathing again.

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