October 17, 2005

sunshine in the rain

she relishes in the calm that has finally dawned on her. she welcomes the feel of the sun's warm kiss on her rain-drenched face. squinting her eyes as she dares focus her gaze into the blinding rays, a smile slowly curls. an inexplicable high overcomes her once downtrodden soul.
the rain is slowly coming to a stop. an orchestra of droplets formed tiny ripples in thousands of puddles on the pavement. she finds herself skipping her way through her makeshift obstacle course. she hears herself humming a tune.
it's as if she's seeing the world around her for the very first time. the sight of the sun beaming with such magnificence through the clouds that once eclipsed her is breathtaking. the lush color of the greens accentuated with the crystal-like raindrops is so refreshing. she basks in the moment...
she continues to walk in the rain... yet her face radiates like the sunshine...

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